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му      мαѕк      ιѕ


                                αre    yoυ    reαdy    тo    ѕee    нow


                                                                                                       I    αм?

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i'll be your light,
               your match,
                                  ———- your burning sun,

                   i'll be the bright,
                                  in b l a c k that’s makin’ you run.

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Imagine your OTP having sex during a storm. Each slow thrust is synced with every clash of thunder, and it’s an experience that leaves them both breathless by the end.

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       —- Ah, such sentiments he’s left bereft of entirely. The want for love, for a mate lasting beyond time; for offspring, the very essence of your being living on in another life form, passing down through history, your lineage itself making history. Still, the Faustian held a baffled feature, albeit soon drifting to that of indifference entirely - why was it that Vampires held affections? love… it wasn’t anything more than selfishness, simply lust twisted within seams of ethics…

           Is that so… How tantalizing the notion now stirring, it’s aroma rousing hell’s darkness with the teasing of entertainment. The demon Crow then smiled softly towards her, wondering what beauty her features would be, should the Vampiress know that she would never be allowed to possess such, so as long as his shadow looms?
            Tell me, Yuuki… whom is this 'he' you mentioned? I thought you were without a mate…

{❤}— Ever the victim of her shy nature the princess’s fidgeting continued behind her back and the pink tint to her pale complection only brighten in shade as the silence held. And as his voice broke the hold the vampire could not help but let the small chuckle of laughter seep through her lips to his question. But as quickly as she lost her composure she regained it, brushing the fallen strands that covered her eyes back to tuck behind her ear she cleared her throat and averted her gaze from his."Excuse me, I apologize. You are correct, I do not have anyone to call mine. By ‘he’ I merely meant whomever it may be that is willing to spend their life with me, whoever it is I am destined to be with. I would wait as long as it would take to be with the one who loves me forever."

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Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain.

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                                                          Say ɢᴏᴏᴅʙʏᴇ—
                                                 As we { ∂αηcє } with the